A Diversified Partnership Investment Firm

We are a diversified global alternative assets investment firm with interests in various sectors including, but not limited to, Financial Services, Clean Energy and Agri-business with a secondary asset class in Real Estate, Tourism & Hospitality and IT.

We collaborate with the investing community, mobilizing resources for investment in businesses with growth potential. We work closely with other investors and executives of our portfolio companies and engage as Capital Partners whilst playing the collaborative role of building capacity of the business for long term value.




Investment Philosophy

We seek to invest in businesses with growth potential. At the core of our investment decisions is the desire to be actively involved in the growth journey of the businesses we invest in. We particularly focus on identification of talent, capacity building and provision of capital and other resources to ensure the sustainable success of our businesses.

We believe that nothing of great significance can be built without the support of a great team. For this reason, we play an active role in ensuring our portfolio companies have the right talent on board.

Once we help our portfolio company identify and acquire the required talent, we provide capacity building support and financial resources to ensure optimization of value.


Our mission is to deliver long term competitive returns and preservation of investors’ capital. Our businesses reflect our deep-rooted commitment to radical transparency, excellence and delivery of long-term value.

What we do

We take a multi-faceted approach to investing and deploy capital across industries in both growth-oriented and established businesses whilst focusing on delivering sustainable expansion and growth.

In our quest to deliver value and meaningful returns, we deploy our best endeavors to invest in businesses where our capital, strategic insight, strategic and global relationships and operational support can drive transformationand meaningful impact. Our key focus areas are alternative investments in sectors including Financial Services, Energy, Information Technology, Agriculture, Real Estate and Tourism / Hospitality.

A disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value forms a basis for our investment approach. We engage only in structured transactions and work with talented management teams to achieve positive results.


Long-Term Focus

In all our partnerships, we aim to focus on building relationships that take a long-term focus and ensure that the businesses we invest in are built to last. This approach is intended to enable our companies withstand market cycles and succeed for the long term.


Our Approach to ESG

ESG principles have been at the core of our business from inception and we are committed to spending a considerable amount of time promoting sustainability across our portfolio, prioritizing our people, and practicing good governance. We believe that by factoring ESG into every aspect of our operations and investment processes, we can continue to have a positive impact on our portfolio companies and the communities where we live and work. We believe that as an alternative investments firm, we are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact through our investments and to strengthen the communities in which we operate. The Environmental, Social and Governance principles have been integral to Monter Capital Partnership’s corporate strategy from inception. We are committed to responsible investing practices and incorporate them into everything we do.

In all our investment processes, we continue to seek better approaches, from better tools to better services to the challenges that face our clients, our people and the communities we serve.

We believe that Social responsibility starts right at home with the people at Monter Capital who are committed to our philosophy of ploughing back into our communities. Hence, our dedication to our people, believing that the more we do for them, the more they can do for their communities.